School to School Support

The Teaching School Alliance is committed to ensuring that the school-to-school support programme serves the need of our locality and contributes to a school driven self-improvement model.

We aim to:
Use the experience and ability of outstanding teachers and leaders within the alliance to provide, in partnership, support for other schools within the alliance.

School-to-school support can take many forms. We can help to broker smaller scale school-to-school support such as:

  • Visits from specialist leaders of education (SLEs) to carry out audits in specific subject areas, or to review particular aspects of provision, or to provide guidance and share best practice.
  • Delivery of bespoke support and training for individuals or teams of staff, using SLEs and senior leaders.
  • Provide coaching and support for individual teachers, managers or leaders.
  • Provide support for senior leadership teams in areas such as strategic planning and change management, drawing upon the experience of national leaders in education (NLEs).
  • Sharing of resources, policies and procedures.

Specialist Leaders in Education
We will identify and appoint a range of SLEs to support the work of the alliance, creating opportunities for good and outstanding teachers to support the development of others. These middle leaders will have a proven track record and will support both the delivery of CPD and school-to-school support within the alliance.

We will ensure that we have SLEs that cover primary, 11-16 and 16-19 so that we are able to provide support for all schools within the alliance. Our aim is to have coverage across all phases as we gradually increase our SLE provision.

Leadership Coaching, Mentoring and Support
The alliance can help leaders and governors to plan and implement rapid improvement programmes using a range of systems, skills and strategies.

We will work to increase the number of National Leaders of Education within the alliance to create a strong pool of experienced and effective head teachers that can support school-to-school improvement.

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