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In 2021 we will be offering School Direct PGCEs in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, and Physics. Please click on a subject for more information and apply through UCAS.


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Teaching is a challenging and rewarding career. Outstanding teaching changes lives. Our programmes for ITT recognise the importance of expert support that continues through the first years in the profession.

The strategic partners within the alliance have an excellent track record of working with trainees through Teach Direct and local universities. Our mentors have a wide range of expertise from primary to the post 16 phase. Working alongside outstanding teachers, trainees will be able to gain valuable insight into outstanding classroom practice.

We aim to:

  • Support an increase in the number of talented people joining the teaching profession.
  • Develop the support we provide during initial teacher training, for newly qualified teachers and recently qualified teachers, to support retention and talent management.


Pre Teach

In order to help support applications for teacher training, we intend to offer opportunities to shadow expert teachers to provide an insight into the day to day life of a teacher.

Training Year

To provide expert mentoring during the training year with opportunities to work alongside other trainees and gain specialist subject input as well as proving opportunities to observe outstanding classroom practice


Once qualified NQTs will be supported by a training programme covering key pedagogical themes including ; culture and classroom management, questioning techniques, assessment for learning, inclusion and differentiation. This will be supported by opportunities for cross phase placement or shadowing


Once qualified, we understand that support during years 2 – 4 are critical to a teacher’s successful development. We aim to create a programme which provides opportunities to develop their teaching toolkit. The focus will be on outstanding classroom practice whilst helping teachers take their first steps into positions of responsibility and leadership.


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