CPD Courses

The NCTSA is pleased to be offering the following Career Personal Development Courses for this upcoming academic year:

1. NQT/RQT Developing Teacher
2. Outstanding Teaching for Learning
3. Middle Leadership – Leading for Impact (Twilight)
4. Becoming An Outstanding Senior Leader
5. NPQSL – National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders
6. Effective Development for Support Staff Senior Leaders
7. How We Learn 1-Day Workshop
8. How We Learn for Teaching Assistants

To view course information/details – “click” on course name above and a pdf will download.

Primary School PE & School Sport Leadership Course Information

This course is a 2-Year Programme of a Professional Vocational Qualification with a combined Level 5 Certificate and Level 6 Award. For more information, please download – HERE

To register your ‘declaration of interest‘ to take this course, please complete the form – HERE by 17 January 2020.

NPQSL Course Information

We are proud to be part of the Ambition NPQ Alliance, delivering National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) in partnership with Ambition Institute, the graduate school for teachers, school leaders and system leaders.

We design, manage and deliver a bespoke NPQSL offer around the core NPQ curricula, content and resources that Ambition Institute provides. Ambition Institute also provides facilitator training and quality assurance to help us deliver the best possible development to participants. Ambition Institute, as the accredited licence holder, is also responsible for the assessment of all NPQ submissions.

You can find out more about Ambition Institute, the Alliance and its outcomes by visiting their website.

We work closely with Ambition Institute to ensure our offer meets all the requirements and metrics as set out by the Department for Education in the NPQ Quality Framework and the NPQ Content and Assessment Framework.

An additional booking form is required for this course.  It can be downloaded – HERE

The NPQSL policies and procedures information is also available and can be downloaded – HERE

The NPQSL programme and assessment requirements can be downloaded – HERE

CPD Course Booklet

You can download a copy of our 2019-20 CPD Booklet – HERE


To book your place, please complete the CPD Registration Form – HERE

Alternatively, email: cpd@nctsa.uk for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Places are only guaranteed once full payment is received. Outstanding balances must be settled prior to the day of the event/course.

Cancellations/Refunds – Due to financial outlays, bookings for courses are non-refundable.  Attendee substitutions can be made – a colleague may attend instead of the person originally booked at no extra cost at the start of the course.  NCTSA reserves the right to change or cancel the programme should circumstances beyond their control necessitate it.